German Habits

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In Germany the tip is normally around 5 – 10% of the actual price.

Pay with cash not so often witch credit cards
In a lot of countries it is normal to pay with a credit card almost always. But in Germany it is more normal to pay cash. It is possible to pay with credit cards at all bigger shops but at the smaller ones it would be better to pay with cash.

It may be unconfutable for foreign people that Germans like to hug you when they meet you or say goodbye. They won’t do that if they meet a person for the first time but when they think you are a friend.

Separate the trash
German people separate the trash in different categories and different colors of the garbage cans like glass( white, green or brown/ red), paper ( blue), plastic ( yellow) , general rubbish ( green) and organic waste ( brown).

Crossing the street while red light is on
If you cross the street in Germany while the traffic light is red and you get caught, you have to pay up to around 90 euro as a penalty.

Bringing flowers if you visit someone
In Germany it is normal to bring some present with you if you visit someone. If there is a woman you normally bring flowers but a lot of people also like to receive a bottle of wine or schnapps.

Saying hallo and goodbye to shop owners
When you go to a shop anywhere in Germany it would be normal to say hello and goodbye to the owner although you don’t know them. It is just something that became established.

Clapping when the airplane has landed
Although nobody really does it these days, some earlier years it was normal in German airplanes to clap when it has safely landed to show recognition to the pilot.


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