Nanas in Hannover
Creator of the Nanas:
Nanas are sculptures made by a French Artist, Niki de Saint Phalle.
Niki started making art because she had a difficult childhood, her father sexually abused her when she was a child starting at age 11. Niki started Publishing books about her childhood and this also inspired her to make art and to affiliate to the female movement.In Hannover the Pazarelle were renamend in the Year 2002 to honour work from the artist and creator of the Nanas Niki de Saint Phalle. Additional Niki de Saint Phalle designed the cave by the Herrenhäuser Gardens.This Projekt was the last Projekt from Niki de Saint Phalle.
What are the Nanas and why are they made:
The first Nana was made in 1965. Nanas have oversized female bodies. Nana stands for self/confident female figure, this was made for the feminist movement in mid 1960s with the slogan “All power to the nana.”
Extra information about the nanas:
In 1966 the biggest nana was made in front of Stockholm Moderna Museet. It was a 29-meter-long plastic female body, called: Hon – en katedral. In this Nana you can find a cinema, a love niche in the leg, a milk bar in the chest and a mechanical uterus in the stomach.
Why are they in hannover and where:
In 1974, three colorful oversized Nanas made of polyester were placed on the Leibnizufer of the leash in Hanover. They became the foundation stone of the later sculpture mile Hannover. In 1970 there was a program to vote for an artists and people voted for Niki. The lineup initially led to protest storms, but also caused the first discussion about art in public street space.Now are the Nanas the emblem of the EXBO city.



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