Activities in Hanover


Neongolf – Schwarzlicht Minigolf Hannover

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With the 3D glasses, which you get there, you can see bright colours and a lot of different shapes. The 18 Mini golf courses are inside, so it´s regardless of the weather. Neongolf – Schwarzlicht Minigolf Hannover is direct in the city.






Superfly is one of the largest trampoline parks in Hanover. Our more than 1,000 m², contiguous trampoline landscape, puts you in the absolute ‚ airplane mode´. You can go with your friends for an hour and have a very funny time.





Playing bowling is a very funny activity too. You can go with your friends at night and eat something there while your playing bowling. It is a perfect plan for rainy days.





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Small personal groups are locked up with the live Escape Game together in a space or a small number of rooms and must leave her prison within a given time (mostly 60 minutes) with the help

of the tips hidden in it and objects again. Besides, they are observed about cameras by a person supervising the events who intervenes about a transceiver or with pictures on a monitor in the space if something wrong is made or the group does not make progress. The players can become active mostly also themselves and request for tips the play leader, they should not get on. The rooms are promoted as an entertainment offer as well as as Teambuilding events.




Variety theatre steeped in tradition. It is centrally in the city centre in a striking, 5-storied stone construction compared with the opera-house Hannover.