Hannover is the largest and the capital city of the German state of Lower Saxony, and there are 13 districts and 6 Quarters. The population of Hannover is about 500.000.


Hannover was founded in medieval times on the river Leine. The city rights are dated by 13. Century. At this time, Hannover was a small village of fishermen that became a large town. In the 14. Century the main churches of Hannover were built as well as a city wall with 3 city gates.

From 1868 to 1946, Hannover was the capital of the Prussian Province of Hannover.

In the World War 2, city was bombed. Only 1/3 of buildings survived.

Now Hannover is popular place for tourists and there are still parts of Historical center.

German Habits

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In Germany the tip is normally around 5 – 10% of the actual price.

Pay with cash not so often witch credit cards
In a lot of countries it is normal to pay with a credit card almost always. But in Germany it is more normal to pay cash. It is possible to pay with credit cards at all bigger shops but at the smaller ones it would be better to pay with cash.

It may be unconfutable for foreign people that Germans like to hug you when they meet you or say goodbye. They won’t do that if they meet a person for the first time but when they think you are a friend.

Separate the trash
German people separate the trash in different categories and different colors of the garbage cans like glass( white, green or brown/ red), paper ( blue), plastic ( yellow) , general rubbish ( green) and organic waste ( brown).

Crossing the street while red light is on
If you cross the street in Germany while the traffic light is red and you get caught, you have to pay up to around 90 euro as a penalty.

Bringing flowers if you visit someone
In Germany it is normal to bring some present with you if you visit someone. If there is a woman you normally bring flowers but a lot of people also like to receive a bottle of wine or schnapps.

Saying hallo and goodbye to shop owners
When you go to a shop anywhere in Germany it would be normal to say hello and goodbye to the owner although you don’t know them. It is just something that became established.

Clapping when the airplane has landed
Although nobody really does it these days, some earlier years it was normal in German airplanes to clap when it has safely landed to show recognition to the pilot.



The Maschsee is the biggest lake in Hannover and was built in 1933. They built the lake because to many people had no job and they wanted to have a relax area. The Maschsee is 2.4 km long, 180-530m wide and 2m deep. Today the maschsee is a perfect for watersports and jogging . On the south of the lake is a beautiful beach were you can relax, swim and eat something. On the other side is the stadium a restaurant and a hotel. In the summer you can rent a boat or drive canoe.

New town hall


The new town hall is actually a historical building. (like a relict from more majestic times, when Hannover used to be a kingdom. ) It´s opened was opened on July 20, 1913. With the reason of the construction of the new building is because of a lack of space in the old town hall. The construction of the new town hall took 12 years to finish. The strange with about this is that everything was paid is cash. (The queen´s order)  The old town is no longer used as main administration building but it still consists of offices etc. The new hall is now is the seat of the mayor’s office, the city council, and the headquarters of the city administration. But sometimes art exhibitions are held. The town hall also houses a restaurant named the „Gartensaal“ (Garden Hall)


The doors of the town hall are always wide open for visitors.

Four scale models of Hannover are on permanent display under the nearly one hundred meter high dome of the town hall lobby, showing the city as it was in the Middle Ages, before World War II, the destruction of 1945 and the townscape of today. These models are always immensely popular amongst the visitors.

The top of the dome of the New Town Hall reaches 97,73 m and the diagonal lift in the town hall is unique in the world. From the top you can enjoy the view of the whole city, even as far as the Harz Mountains when the visibility is good.


Typical german food

Dies ist die Kurzfassung des Beitrags.

There are lot of typical German dishes that are very famous! The most famous specialty is of course the Currywurst or sausage. As snack most people eat a Berliner or a Pretzel. But on special days like Christmas, There are also a few typical German specialties. Think of Glühwein or Bratapfel (gebraten candy apple) Beer is something currywurst_flavor.pngGerman can drink all day, no matter what kind of day it is! Klöße mit Sauerkraut or Roulade is also a very well-known dish in Germany!