The Zoo


The experience zoo was founded on the 4th may 1865. It has a space of 22 hectares containing about 3414 animals of 237 species like penguins, lions, tigers or elephants. The animals are displayed in different theme worlds fitting their origin, for example “Yukon Bay” or “Sambesi”. The zoo received the 2009/10 „Best Zoo“ award and more than 1.6 million people visit every year.

What we enjoyed most about the zoo was the opportunity to get really close to the animals. For example in the theme world „Yukon Bay“ you could see the animals under water, just separated through a pane, and you could even enter some of the enclosures so that you could pet the pelicans, goats and kangaroos, if they let you.

Another highlight is the „Winter-Zoo“, which opens every year during christmas season. Then a part of the zoo is decorated and you can go ice-scating, sledge or eat christmas and winter sweets. On top of that after 4 o’clock you can enter the winter zoo for free.

You can find the zoo in the district named after it “Zooviertel”. To get there you can take the underground line 11 in the direction „Zoo“.

Here is the link to the official website of the zoo: